#AlwaysApril: ABZÛ Achieved

It hasn’t been a good gaming year for me, but things are thankfully starting to look up! I’m recovering from what I can best describe as depression block on gaming that was rooted in place by a complex sad interpersonal feelz situation, to say the least. Never in a million years would I have guessed the thought of playing video games would one day turn my stomach. My silly brain, lemme tell ya.

Reconnecting with cool gamer communities online and slowly easing myself back into my favourite form of escapism with small doses of good gaming experiences is working out really well for me. So far this year I’ve enjoyed unique experiences courtesy of The Longing (still in progress), The Test, and as of yesterday, Abzû. Hopefully it won’t be long before I’m back up on my feet and pursuing Platinum Trophies again. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Diving back to Abzû, I chose to complete this game yesterday as a spoof of a great community video game backlog event hosted by the awesome Later Levels called #MaybeInMarch. Basically, the event encouraged video game bloggers to rescue the game that’s been in the grips of their backlog monster for the longest amount of time in March. That obviously didn’t happen for me, but there’s #AlwaysApril, amiright?

🎵Under da sea… where the sad feelz and coronavirus can’t get at me!!🎵
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Tranquilizing My Truths With The Test

First off, this is a very short game (like, about 10 minutes) where the less you know the better… so reading the rest of this post might be a bad idea if you wanna play it, just sayin’. It’s also cheap! Very important in this current collapsed-by-corona economy. It’s here on Steam if you want to see (not a sponsored link by the way… just being helpful!)

To sell you on it before I potentially spoil things: it’s basically a glorified personality test with some old school RPG style art and spooky themes. It nailed the root cause of some issues that had been plaguing my poor defeated mind for a while. Seriously, I almost cried and played it several times it comforted me so much. Take that however ya want, and don’t read anymore if you want to play it for yourself. This article can wait.

It sure seemed to do that for me!
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