Fandom Fixing

Welcome to me partaking in yet another intensive blogging community event on a whim!

Well, it doesn’t need to be intensive since partakers can pick and choose what prompts to write articles on. I’m going to challenge myself to try all of the prompts in addition to the one I’m introing on August 19th, 2020. Why the hell not?

But yeah, I’m getting ahead of myself as usual.

For those unaware, Belghast of Tales from the Aggronaut wisely concluded that this year still sucks and another big community event was needed to boost morale. Now the Blaugust Promptapalooza thingy is happening!

Basically, 31 prompts will be dropped by various bloggers on different days in a sort of relay thing. People playing along can write articles for whatever prompts they want to. Sounds fun!

So here’s the first prompt asked by Belghast himself: If you could change anything about one of your core fandoms, what would it be?

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