Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile

I normally game with my heart and not so much my head. That’s pretty much how IRL Solarayo operates in general too. I’ve always been ruled by my oversensitive emotions, and to my despair, my logic often gets lost in all the internal chaos and whatnot. I’ve proudly grown A LOT in the past year, though. My new motto is: “Always follow my heart… under constant supervision of my brain.”

Back to the logic, and dialing back the feelz, the magnificent MagiWasTaken over at Indiecator kindly nominated me for this Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile tag thingy. Thank you very much, dude!

Basically, you take a survey about your gaming habits via Quantic Foundry and analyze the results with the questions in the tag. Logic isn’t something I usually apply to my beloved video gaming hobby, but hey, I’ll give it a go. For gamer science!

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