The Great Blog Crawl: Redux and Rescheduled

2020, Year of… just hurry up and be 2021 already. Ahem.

Due to the recent, um, catastrophes and injustices plaguing our world, Later Levels and I decided to move the stream date for The Great Blog Crawl Virtual Pub Event. There were plights needed more attention and it just didn’t feel right to celebrate while the good fight for equality spread across the globe (#BlackLivesMatter!!).

So update your calendars! We’ve moved the stream date to July 18th, 2020. Head on over to the Later Levels Twitch channel then, and we’ll drink, play video games, and divvy out all the shiny quiz awards!

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The Great Blog Crawl’s Official Bartender

Attention future patrons of the The Great Blog Crawl’s virtual pub event! We are pleased to announce the hiring of our famous official bartender: Quietschisto of RNG.

The quality Quietschisto has agreed to present a crash course in cocktail making during the event so that our valued guests have the ability to mix their own drinks at home. For anyone wanting to mix-a-long to his awesome instructions on June 6th, you’re going to need precious ingredients which can be found in Quietschisto’s official shopping guide.

See you all June 6th 2020 at the fine Later Levels’ Twitch channel establishment! In case you missed the announcements, you can find full event details here and here.

Please note: Designated bloggers are more than welcome to participate in the Blog Crawl festivities! If you don’t drink, power to you. There’s A LOT of social pressure in society to partake in adult beverage consumption and we fully respect and support you if that’s not your thing. ❤

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The Great Blog Crawl

Attention fellow bloggers and coronapocalypse survivors!

It sure is a weird-complicated-confusing time we all live in, eh? The general state of normality that we all took for granted has been utterly destroyed by rogue packets of RNA. I won’t say their official name, but you know who I mean. Little buggers.

Now more than ever we need pubs to escape to and drown our sorrows alongside friends… but the thing-that-shall-not-be-named has taken that away from us too. Alas!

All hope is not lost, however! Thanks to the power of the internet, we can stay connected to the beloved virus vectors… I mean, the friends and family in our lives without actually seeing them in reality. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could somehow find a way to recreate the pub atmosphere online, while promoting a bunch of talented bloggers in the community as a bonus?

While chatting with my good friend, the always awesome Kim of Later Levels (who deserves some serious props for listening to my incessant rambling frequently), we came up with a terrific excuse to get drunk great way to make that online pub pipe dream a reality!

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