Ex-BFFs: A Coping Guide From Painful XP

Many of us are blessed to have best friends in our lives. You know those cool people that we just click with and accumulate wonderful experiences alongside? Having a supportive BFF at your back is seriously the best thing ever.

What is the definition of a BFF, anyway? To me, this is someone you strongly relate to, can talk about absolutely anything with, would punch anyone for, and someone you will always love unconditionally.

They’re there for you in your darkest moments, and you’re there for them in theirs. Merely talking to them makes you smile and gives you comfort. They become as important to us as family members. Soul friends, as one of my best friends likes to put it.

Never in a million years could you ever imagine such a strong emotional bond being broken. Just like in all the cheesy stories, the power of true friendship can overcome anything, right??


Sadly, harsh reality begs to differ. We are all human beings, and all human beings create drama. Longstanding close connections you took for granted can be nuked beyond repair in the blink of an eye. It’s those feelz, man.

Human emotions are the complex and messy elements in any relationship equation. When incompatible mental health issues meet, it can be comparable to the reactions that occur when fire touches ice or lightning strikes water.

None of these elements are inherently good or bad; they just clash.

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Ace Asunder is Alive!

A wild new website has appeared on the internet! Yeah. I know. There’s nothing at all special about that. Not being pessimistic over here. I am above all else a blunt realist and this is a harsh reality we all live in.

I’ll be honest and true to my own heart. There are a near infinite amount of websites out there run by people who want to write for a living. My project is just a small drop in an endless sea, so to say, but I’m cool with that. I hold no false hopes of turning into a internet celebrity or becoming a known writer by doing this. I’m writing for me. It’s actually quite good for my soul. If I can attract one entertained reader to this website I’ll consider it a social success!

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